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This took over a year because I went into a severe eating disorder, but now I’m regaining my health as well as my strength! So proud of myself so far!
I dont know my current weight for I know it doesnt matter :)
I did this without the help of pills, wraps, machines… Nothing! All me, all by myself, and this is not impossible.
Height: 163 cm
Age: 17
My workout/diet plan is rather simple. I got to the gym every other day to work out my abs as well as my arms and inner+outer thighs. I then fastwalk for 30 minutes after the weight-training. On the days that I don’t go to the gym (or can’t go) I fastwalk on the treadmill for roughly 45 minutes.
As for my diet; I have a protein-filled breakfast (usually egg-whites or turkey), a large salad with lemon-oil dressing with another source of protein (usually lentil beans or chicken breast) and a small portion of carbs (rice/brown bread/fiber sticks…) and for dinner I have a vegetable soup with protein too. As for the drinks: I stopped drinking sodas and what not, and I drink about 2 large bottles of water a day! That helps SO much with the bloating, and believe me, my tummy decreased in size almost immediately!
Word of advice.. it might sound hefty, but now it has become a habit! You could just as easily do this, take it from a girl who has gone through a life-threatening eating disorder due to her laziness and lack of committment.
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I will gladly answer any questions you have, and I am very experienced with diets and workouts.
stay strong x
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about 8 months of eating as healthy as i can (with one cheat meal or treat a week) and regular exercise (usually 20-30 cardio, 15-25 strength 4 times a week) - From 164lbs to 134lbs!
Quando a gente acha que chegou no fundo do poço, sempre descobre que pode ir ainda mais fundo. Que escrotidão.
Charles Bukowski.  (via tipografado)

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